The Bernadettes on a Hot Summer 2009 tour.

contact: Jim Kader 203-393-8902


 Friday night, August 28th, you can find The Bernadettes at Slainte Pub & Eatery, located at 1221 New Haven Rd. (Rt. 63) in Naugatuck, CT, their phone: (203) 723-1138.  You can find Slainte way out on Rt. 63 near the Bethany townline.  This is our usual “last Friday of the month” show over at Slainte…the “hottest party in the Valley”…don’t wanna miss this one!  Slainte Pub is well known for their, in your face, anything goes, party till ya drop attitude…always a wild time at this place!!!  A casual, come as you are atmosphere…Slainte’s also serves up some very generous portions of very tasty pub grub, so feel free to arrive hungry.  The party starts at 9:30, reservations or an early arrival recommended as seating is limited and tables go quick here…and be forewarned, if ya get a table near the bandstand, you maybe asked to surrender the table to make room for dancers…how will you know???…when Matt the bouncer gives you “the look”, believe us, you’ll know!!!  Bring your dancing shoes and come on down!!!  For more info, visit the Slainte website at: http://www.slaintenaugatuck.com/


Saturday night, August 29th, the hippest, hottest ‘ol school dance party will be found at J. Roos, located at 249 State St. in North Haven, CT, their phone: (203) 281-5411!!!  You can find ‘Roos at the intersection of State St. and Dixwell Ave, at the State St. Exit off of the Rt. 40 Connector near the North Haven/Hamden townline.  This another very fun venue for us…again a casual atmosphere, and they too serve up some good pub grub along with some tasty pizzas.  A little more room here, but we usually pack this place so again reservations or an early arrival recommended.  J. Roos is one fun, hard rockin’ place…this will be rockinest party in the greater New Haven ‘burbs this Saturday night…this is a very popular venue for many of our friends and fans…they so luv to boogie down at this place!!!  Showtime kicks off at 9:30…be there…we’ll see ya there!  For directions and info, visit J.Roos website at: http://www.jroosrestaurant.com/


And Sunday afternoon, August 30th, you can catch us at the Milford Yacht Club, located at 131 Trumbull Ave. on the harbor in Milford, CT, their phone: (203) 783-0060.  A very beautiful setting for this show, the MYC is located right on the water with great views of Milford harbor…a great place to kick back, have a couple of frosty Coronas or margaritas, watch the boats sail back and forth, and shake a tail feather to some cool “ol school” R&B tunes out on the deck!!!  Please note that this show is only open to MYC members and their invited guests…we do know that quite a few of our friends and fans are members or know members, so make plans to come on down…we had such a great time last month at our show here!  If you know a member, you got several days to start kissing up for an invite…it’s worth it!  MYC serves up some great food and they have a nice raw bar set up out on the deck.  Showtime is from 3:00 – 7:00 PM…arrive by land or sea as MYC provides moorings for visiting boaters and yachtsman (contact MYC for docking info.)  This is a great way to spend a nice summer afternoon, hope to see some of you there!  For more info and directions to MYC, visit their website at: http://www.milfordyachtclub.com/


WOW!!!  That was some turnout at Johnny Ray’s last Friday night!!!  Don’t think we’ve ever seen so many people in the place, it was jam packed to say the least…the patio, the back room, bar area, etc. was just jammin’ and slammin’ all night!!!  We were digging the vibe to say the least…we really appreciate ya’ll coming out and thank you for making it such a fun night for us!  The AC couldn’t keep up with the body count or the hot humid weather outdoors…scores of folks were working up a sweat out on the dance floor!  As always, a very special thanks to John, Ray, and the very overworked bar staff that night for their generosity and hospitality to the band.  We return to Johnny Ray’s on Friday, Sept. 11…mark your calendars, we’ll do it again!


Upcoming shows: next weekend, the Labor Day weekend…Fri., Sept. 4 a wedding in Old Saybrook, CT…Sat., Sept. 5 at John J. Sullivan’s in Ansonia, CT, Sun., Sept. 6 at Crab Shell in Stamford, CT.




For booking info, please contact:

For booking info, please contact:

Don DeStefano (203) 757-5044
Jim Kader (203) 393-8902 


List of  recent events.  




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Majestic Theater West Springfield

Majestic Theater West Springfield


For Immediate Release


Jimmy Mazz Debuts Majestic Theater Show

Thursday, August 20, 2009.  


WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA —  Singer/entertainer Jimmy Mazz (www.JMazzSings.com) will light up the stage and have the audience dancing in the aisles on Thursday,  August 20, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at the Majestic Theater in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Jimmy Mazz’s Majestic Theater debut “The Best Of Jimmy Mazz” features selections representing his life’s musical history as well as a taste of his international touring shows.  This very special show will highlight songs from Jimmy’s youth, reflect his musical upbringing, and feature many of the favorites from his collections that listeners from around the world have come to love.  As with every Jimmy Mazz show, there are sure to be a few surprises.

Don’t miss this dynamic performer’s Majestic debut!  Tickets are on sale now at $15.00 or $17.00 and may be purchased by calling the Majestic Theater Box Office at 413-747-7797 or visiting www.JMazzSings.com.

Mazz is an enthusiastic entertainer who captivates audience members with his genuine warmth, candid humor, amusing parodies and velvety smooth voice. During his audience-interactive show, he’ll whisk you away to the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, have you dancing in the aisles as you cruise through the biggest hits of the fifties, and take you on a visit to the Motor City’s Motown sounds.  Fall in love with your favorite songs again as Mazz pays tribute to the great crooners with classics by Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink and Tony Bennett, to name a few.

“I love to perform,” Mazz says. “I’d sing every night if I could.” Mazz currently offers a variety of unique and distinctive shows around the United States, Europe and on cruise lines.  With eight completely unique shows, Jimmy Mazz has a show to please everyone. No matter which show you catch, his truly inspiring and enthusiastic performances are sure to be very exciting, heartfelt and engaging.  Jimmy Mazz is a true entertainer who leaves his audience with lasting memories for years to come.  For more information, visit www.JMazzSings.com online! 

Directions   Just minutes from downtown Springfield.


Contact  413-566-5003


May 2009


Recently I was told that Gordon Lightfoot was not doing well &

Had not turned in quite some time.

So this is what I found…

And I am happy to say that Gordon Lightfoot is still

Alive, Doing well.

Is still on tour and sounds just as good as he did when I heard him

At the Oakdale theater in Oakdale, Conn  in 1982.

I thank my sister, Linda Young, for taking me to the concert

In Oakdale because I have been a fan ever since.

We need to get Gordon back in Conn in 2010.

Please tell Gordon we would love to see him back in

Connecticut in 2010.

This 45 minute interview was done April 2009

By a Canadian Disc Jockey, CBC host Jian Ghomeshi.

Great Interview.    

With over 1,000,000 views, the Song

“If I could read your mind” by Gordon Lightfoot.


Let’s get Gordon to Connecticut in 2010.

Hopefully the Oakdale Theater aka Chevrolet Theater.

Click here to: 

                                                    Email the Agent here  



                     July 11, 2008.  Tolland, CT

           Carman played to a great crowd for Jesus Fest last night !  

Can you imagine setting up a Christian Stage at SPRING BREAK Daytona Beach Florida ?  Setup between PlayBoy & MTV. (Hoping Carman would leave) 

Well Carman’s statement of Faith reads…  We believe the Bible is God’s Word inspired by Him, and containing both the Truth and the Power of God.

Carman came to Tolland High School and he brought down the house with close to 1000 people having a great time.

Musicians:  Backed up by Steve Nielsen & his Gang from Trinity Covenant Church .

And the wonderful, wonderful Choir from First Cathedral in Bloomfield, CT.

All 30 of them !!!

Hard Work putting this all together. Congratulations to Drew Crandall, Union Congregatoinal, Church of the Nazarene and all the hard working volunteers.

Volunteers for Jesus. Pow !    

 And to all the Sponors that support the cause:

Dynamark Security, Tolland CT
ImageWorks, Vernon CT
KEEP IN TOUCH, Vernon CT www.KeepTouch.com
Lord & Benoit, Worcester MA www.Section404.org
Northeast Christians At work, Vernon CT www.ChristAtWork.org
Scranton Financial Group, East Windsor CT
Union Congregational Church www.UCC-Rockville.org 


 First Cathedral .




Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm

“Jimmy Mazz” entertains from the Springfield, Mass area. 




  Go see Jimmy!  Period.  I was referred to him by another musician.  I love getting referrals from musicians because that brings credibility to the gig. 


Let me describe the style of Jimmy Mazzaferro:  style, class, and you better be ready to dance. So bring out those David Bowie “Red Shoes.”  


He’s Got the Goods

Now if you are going to go out and listen to Jimmy, be prepared to hear a number of artists:  Lou Rawls, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, and Bobby Darin, to just name a  few.  Good singer.  Very, very good singer.


Hot Daddy  

Stage presence is great. We went to Pazzo Ristorante in Springfield, right next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Jimmy plays there on a regular basis. What a nice restaurant, too.  Jimmy went on about 9:30pm, Friday night. After six songs, Jimmy had about twenty people on the dance floor cooking in the “Hot Town Tonight.”  


Vegas 3  

While we enjoy ourselves, Patrick Tobin stopped in and sang some really good stuff.  Patrick sings the “Hits of  Frank Sinatra” and the Swing era.  Guy is good and hooked up.



Booked & Busy


Check out his website.  His “Dance Card” is very well in demand.  Take a look  at June 2008.….


3rd Keystone Commons, Ludlow MA @ 3 PM (Private)

4th Women’s League For The Arts, The Colony Club, Springfield MA @ 12:30 PM (Private)

4th Hukelau Lounge, Chicopee MA @ 7 PM

5th The Log Cabin, Holyoke MA @ 1 PM (Bus Tour: Public Welcome)

6th Redstone (ALZ), East Longmeadow MA @ 2:30 PM (Private)

11th CityBlock Summer Concerts, Downtown Springfield @ 12-1:30 PM & 4-6 PM

13th The Delaney House, Holyoke MA @ 6:30 PM

12th Storrowton Tavern, West Springfield MA @ 7 PM

13th Redstone, East Longmeadow MA @ 2:30 PM (Private)

14th Hampden House, Hampden MA @ 11:30 AM (Private)

14th Europa, Granby Road / Rt. 202, South Hadley MA @ 8 PM

15th Lyons Club Benefit @ The Oaks, Agawam MA @ 7 PM The VEGAS 3”


And that’s just the first two weeks in June, girls! 


I saw every age from 20’s on up dancing on the dance floor.   I am definitely going to see him again.


Thanks to Jason Stratos of the band Half and Half.



Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.FM field MA @ 12:30 PM (


Part II: The Boy

So now you know the background of Rob and Ray.  And there they were, together in Michigan for most, if not all, of March.  They went from school to school, sometimes doing several shows a day, and rejoicing in their free hotel WiFi at night.  They were well-received, and this is where I’m going to go back to the aforementioned kid who stuck out from the others.  

This was a boy who had seen Rob’s show on a previous tour, and found a way to contact Rob to give him the message that he’d been extremely touched by the show.  So much so that he confessed he had been seriously contemplating suicide before seeing Rob, and after watching the show and hearing the message, he felt that he owed his decision to live to Rob’s influential performance.

Wow, huh?  Is that not the exact point of all this?  To make a difference?  My dad relayed this all to me on the phone on Easter, and I could practically see the twinkle in his eye as he recounted the amazing story.  He went on to mention that the tour would be a week longer because they had arranged to stop at the boy’s school to do another performance.  But of course. 

Keep this story in mind the next time you feel like the music you’re making isn’t affecting anyone.  Just because no one is speaking up doesn’t mean they’re not touched.  You just never know when you’ll change (or maybe save) a person’s life.     

For more details on Rob the Drummer and his music, visit these links:




Music is touching people’s lives.

 You may have heard of a certain man who has been touring the world and spreading sunshine.  No, it’s not Ronald McDonald or even Barney.  But it is a big huggable guy in a funny outfit.  And instead of dancing and singing and serving hamburgers, he’s playing the drums.

Let me say that one more time.  He’s playing the drums.  I know, I know.  No good ever came from a drummer.  (Kidding!)  This guy is definitely breaking down barriers.  In a unique and in-your-face kinda way.  If you’ve got children in the school system (any school system, practically), they’ve probably seen him.  Heard his message.  Learned from him.  His Social Security card says “Robert Gottfried.”  But the world knows him as “Rob the Drummer.” 

A professionally trained and brilliantly accomplished musician, Rob has played with so many big show-biz names it would make your hair curl.  He’s all over the map, literally.  He rarely stays put for very long.  And recently, his travels took him (and his faithful team of cohorts) to Michigan, where they put on inspirational anti-drug, pro-music, pro-sport, etc. shows for auditoriums full of kids.  Kids who don’t know what they’re in for when they walk through those doors. 

Rob’s show is a tad eccentric, a bit psychotic, and a whole lotta memorable.  He teaches children how to get a “natural high” from the arts, athletics, or what have you.  Whatever makes you feel good – do that as much as possible.  Because you are an amazing person and you don’t need any artificial enhancers.  Just be you.  That’s his message. 

No stranger to the Standing O, Rob is used to kids being excited and appreciative, but recently one kid stuck out from the rest.  How do I know all this?  Well, remember that faithful team of cohorts I spoke of parenthetically a few paragraphs ago?  One member of that team happens to be my dear old dad.  (Sorry, Dad, but let’s face it:  you’re no spring chicken…)  Ray Hutchinson is his name, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past how much of a music “junkie” he is.  He lives and breathes the stuff.  Writing it, performing it, producing it, recording it… he loves it all.  He’s also a perfect example of how you don’t actually have to do drugs to seem cracked-out.   (Sorry again, Dad… I can’t help it… it’s too easy!)  Anyway, my dad has known Rob since… let’s see, the stock market crashed in ’29 …. carry the 1 … well, it’s been an exceedingly long time.  Let’s leave it at that so we don’t date the poor guys.  Their “frenemy” dynamic is one that’s so explosive it’s comical.  Deep down, they love each other.  Like brothers.  Complete with rivalry.  So when Rob goes on tour, Ray Hutchinson is right by his side, sleeping in the hotel room next to his and pumping his energetic show through the speakers at the schools.

… to be continued …