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Organizers Of Museum For Singer Are Thinking State Music Hall Of Fame

By DAVID OWENS, Courant Staff Writer

 VERNON aka Rockville — The day “Gene Pitney” died last spring, people in Rockville began talking about the need to honor the music great.

Slowly, they gathered a committee, then approached Pitney’s widow for her blessing. This week, they announced plans to erect a memorial to the Rockville native in Vernon’s historic town hall. They’d also like to build a band shell in Henry Park, where Pitney played as a boy, and name it in the singer’s honor.

But organizers of that effort are hoping for much more, especially as some in the legislature talk about creating a Connecticut music hall of fame. With Pitney as one of Connecticut’s brightest musical stars, placing such a hall of fame in Rockville makes sense, said Cliff Edwards, a former music retailer and Pitney fan who is chairman of the Gene Pitney Commemorative Committee.

You can see the entire article at the link . The Hartford Courant has written a great article on the Rockville Rocket, the son of Rockville. You can also catch the lastest at www.GenePitney.org as the movement moves foward.

Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.FM .  


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                Out of sheer love of music.”  That is the reason Lydia Hutchinson founded Performing Songwriter thirteen years ago.  The publication has hosted some top household names on its cover and between its pages, such as Keith Urban, James Taylor, Maroon 5, and Bonnie Raitt.  Their website is teeming with information for and from people who love music.   

                Isn’t that what it’s all about? 

                Success stories.  Secrets.  Jokes.  Favorite songs.  Favorite moments.  That’s what this publication is to me.  Scanning their website actually feels like a positive experience.  How often can we really say that?  Most websites are so frustrating we tend to click out as soon as possible.  But you’ll want to stick around at www.performingsongwriter.com

                  They’ve got contact information if you want to let them know what you think of their site, or really anything else for that matter.  They’ve got blogs from their four editors keeping you informed of what they do on a day-to-day basis, and what their favorite music is (for instance, this is the Senior Editor’s “Spring Mix CD” list and this is another editor’s solution to music for people with short attention spans).   

                    Where our site stops, theirs takes off.  All we can do here is talk about how much we love music all day, and tell you where to find the best music, the best venues, the best ways to improve, etc.  They have interviews from artists, updates on new albums, links to downloads, a chart of the current top radio hits, blogs, bulletins, news, pictures… it’s an absolute media overload, and I love it!

                Of course, their website is only the beginning.  From there, you can subscribe to their magazine, where you’ll get even more juicy stuff.  Not a magazine person!  Well, go on.  Take a gander!  You may be pleasantly surprised.  A full subscription for a year will only cost you $26.  You spend ten times more than that on coffee!  Think of  Lydia, and how hard she works to put out this publication just because of her sheer love of music.  Don’t you share that love?  I know I do. 

Kara Nielsen, Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm

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                 I remember my dad playing the tape when I was little.  And then when I was a teenager, I stole the tape and played it myself.  Even after I got a CD player, I held onto that tape and listened to it constantly.  What an artist. ( www.GenePitney.Com or www.GenePitney.org . Both are authorized sites. )  

            Of course, I’m talking about Gene Pitney.  My dad loved his music, I loved his music, and the entire world loved his music.   The boy from
Rockville… the infamous “town without pity,” of course… had a unique sound and an unparalleled passion for music.  Yes, the Rockville Rocket, as they call him, was the first pop singer to be asked to sing at the Oscars.  It was in 1962, and he sang that haunting song “Town Without Pity.” 

            Today he is remembered as an innovator.  He wrote hit songs for other artists, including “He’s a Rebel” for The Crystals in 1962.  That song was the only thing keeping his own Hot 100 record “Only Love Can Break A Heart” from topping the charts completely.   

            In his spare time (ha) he wrote the title song for the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.   

            In 1963, his song “
Mecca” crossed some new borders.  It is said to have been a stepping stone for the type of music now called “psychedelia” because of its incorporation of Indian musical influences and exotic instrumentation. 

            Gene Pitney.  Discussing his life and his amazing music career is something to be done reverently.  The man died of natural causes during a
UK tour on April 5, 2006.  He was only 66 years old, and they found him in his hotel room.  It was after a show at
Cardiff’s St David’s Hall that won him a standing ovation.     

Kara Nielsen, Editor,  www.BandSpace.Fm

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                 I grew up with the Brad Davis show on Channel 3. Brad hosted a show called  “The Brad Davis Show” and was the answer for musical talent to play out on Saturday night. This show was very much like the Dick Clark American BandStand.  Brad was also spokesman for the Conn Dairy Farmer, “Drink milk” with even meal. Wow, ‘magine that. Forty years ago he was promoting Conn business with Conn talent. (Sounds like a recent show on Fox) We’ll Brad had the idea first & Conn benefited from it, too. Wonderful show !     

          Brad is the Host of WDRC 1360 (AM)  has a morning talk show that reachs the older crowd in Connecticut,  www.TalkOfCT.com

           The Saturday Night on Channel 3, WTIC (now WVIT), aka the Broadcast house was Rockin’ & Rollin’ with the biggest names back then.  I am still impressed how Brad did a wonderful job.     

           Just goes to show you how good ideas are great ideas when they are time tested.       

 See his profile at www.talkofct.com/staff_braddavis.shtml , http://www.wdrcobg.com/davis.html .

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