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NuCullers                I am an enterpreneur junky.

Simply put, I am a business owner that is constantly analyzing how and why a business works. Once you understand that, you can make that business work better.  This is probably why I like to help other businesses succeed. If they succeed, I succeed as well.  

             The Nu-Cullers is a musical band located in the New Haven, CT area, http://www.nucullers.com/ .

             Take a look at their website; look for the photos.  Do you see all the happy people?  Look at their videos. Do you see all the happy people?

              If I were looking for a wedding band, I would be looking for great dance music and people celebrating. A wedding is a memorable event and good live music will create that environment.

            So if you have a moment, take a look at the websites:

http://www.nuculler.com/ and www.gigmasters.com/RNB/Nucullers.

            Also they have a couple dates coming up, so if you are in the New Haven, CT area or Worcester-Boston Mass area here are the dates that they are playing live.  

“That’s Seventies” Party 

Saturday, September 22nd 2007,  9:00PM, 

Three Thirteen Campbell

 313 Campbell Avenue,  West Haven, CT

Dress to sweat!  Bell Bottoms!

Afro Puffs !  Whistles & Bells ! 


Saturday, October 20, 2007, 10:00PM

Jumpin Joe’s Dance Hall

18 Graston Street
Worcester, MA


Have Fun!


Carl Slicer, Sr Editor


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Is modern technology eliminating the need for musicians and musical technicians in reception halls ?  I was at a wedding today – fabulous food, gorgeous ceremony, and open bar.  The three must-haves, right?  Well, they had a DJ for after the dinner to mix up the songs and play all those wedding staples.  Sure, “The Electric Slide” and “Thriller” and whatnot.  But the rest of the night… he was actually pretty terrible.  The announcements he made were peppered with corny and un-laughed-at jokes, his interjections were always either greeted with eye rolls or just not acknowledged at all, and the musical selection he provided was substandard.  So what’s the alternative?  Live music?  Well, sure, that’s an option.  But then you run the risk of getting a group that only plays a genre of music not everyone likes.  So what else can you do? 

 Well, these days it’s easier than ever to get cheap, efficient reception music.  My boss, actually, is taking advantage of this for her October wedding.  She’s simply tuning in to a Party Music station on her Sirius Satellite Radio, and hooking up some speakers.  And she is quite content to just have her best man or maid of honor give the necessary announcements.  Simple, sure, yet quite effective.  Is this potentially replacing DJs and wedding singers and bands across the world?  Well it is certainly a plausible fate.  When the guy at the Burger King Drive-Thru sends “Play That Funky Music White Boy” through the microphone, you’ll know that this has come to pass. 

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          I am amazed at the vast array of people that are musicians.  I am even more amazed to see what recipe God has put together for us to meet these gifted people. Then God gives them a purpose and sets them free into the world to bring joy to others.  

          Kara had some stage fright recently, but it was not from lack of practice.  Kara has a great voice. She just wanted to make her huband and family proud of her.

          Now take Dennis Nevin.  Great vocalist. Has studied through the years. When he was younger, he played in a band called “Too Much, Too Soon” from Vernon Rockville, CT. Same town where the “Rockville Rocket” Gene Pitney got his start. Dennis has a style mix that follows the likes of Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross, etc.

         But recently, Dennis did a song that will bring people’s attention to a cause that needs to be considered by all:  adoption.

       Please take a few minutes and listen to the beautiful voice of Dennis Nevin.

       You can hear him at:

       YouTube,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5UVfLx_JWI,

       or  www.BandMix.com/DennisNevin

       Even contact him at: www.DennisNevin.com 

Either way, I applaud when a musician makes a move and does something for a worthy cause.  

Carl Slicer. Sr Editor.  

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