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Behold the Lamb of God     Sara Groves

I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, but she’s one of my favorite musicians. A brilliant singer/songwriter with a voice that can be sweet and smoky at the same time, Sara Groves is an inspiration. Her Christian music is heartwarming and insightful – full of phrasing and ideas that hit home. And she’ll be part of a tour that’s coming to CT this winter! On Saturday December 8th, that is, and tickets are only $15.75 for groups of 10 or more. Individual tickets are $17.50. Don’t have a group to attach to? Leave a comment here! This is a great place to meet people with similar goals.The show is called “Behold the Lamb of God, The TRUE Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ with Bebo Norman, Sara Groves, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Osenga,” and it will certainly be a phenomenal experience. Those other names aren’t any that I’m familiar with, but I’m sure they’re fabulous if they’re playing with Sara! The concert will be held at New Milford High School, in New Milford, CT, at 7pm on the 8th. I’ll be there! Will you? Visit https://www.rockthesoundtickets.com/TicketEnvelope/pc/viewCat_M.asp?idCategory=35  for ticket details. Or go to http://www.saragroves.com/ for more information on her.


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Go To The Mall!

I’m sure you’ve seen it. You’re walking through the mall or shopping plaza and there’s one store that is having an “Event.“ With a capital “E.” They want you to notice. They want you to come in and check out what’s going on. They want to rouse some excitement. It happens all the time! Recently, at Westfarms Mall in Farmington, CT, the cosmetics company MAC held a special event in the center court of the mall. They called it “Smoke Signals,” and they set up a stage, in front of which they offered free makeovers. On the stage were musicians – I believe they had two drummers playing African beats and an upright bass player as well. Live music really changes the atmosphere of a place. How did MAC find these individuals? The guys must have put their names out there somehow, and MAC scooped them up. The coupling of this large corporation with a few accomplished musicians was quite successful. The music attracted mall-walkers, and the makeovers kept them there. The musicians got great exposure. This is an opportunity that is available to us all! You never know who might need a little music for a special event, so get those business cards out there! Of course, it’s more likely that a guitar or a drum will be in demand than a trombone or a piccolo, but again – you never know! Most places consistently have music on in the background that’s either satellite radio or a CD or tape sent in from the company. Add some real-life musicians to the equation and things tend to get a little livelier! Whether it’s a string quartet for an elegant feel or an acoustic guitar for a light, coffeehouse feel, I’m sure you know as well as I do that music can really enhance a mood. Take a stroll through your local shopping mall this week, and pass out some business cards. Stop in at the Customer Service desk to let them know that you’re available for any mall-wide events that may be coming up. As you know, the holidays are right around the corner, and many places have live Christmas music during the busy shopping season. This is your chance to get some great exposure! Get out there!

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