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                     July 11, 2008.  Tolland, CT

           Carman played to a great crowd for Jesus Fest last night !  

Can you imagine setting up a Christian Stage at SPRING BREAK Daytona Beach Florida ?  Setup between PlayBoy & MTV. (Hoping Carman would leave) 

Well Carman’s statement of Faith reads…  We believe the Bible is God’s Word inspired by Him, and containing both the Truth and the Power of God.

Carman came to Tolland High School and he brought down the house with close to 1000 people having a great time.

Musicians:  Backed up by Steve Nielsen & his Gang from Trinity Covenant Church .

And the wonderful, wonderful Choir from First Cathedral in Bloomfield, CT.

All 30 of them !!!

Hard Work putting this all together. Congratulations to Drew Crandall, Union Congregatoinal, Church of the Nazarene and all the hard working volunteers.

Volunteers for Jesus. Pow !    

 And to all the Sponors that support the cause:

Dynamark Security, Tolland CT
ImageWorks, Vernon CT
KEEP IN TOUCH, Vernon CT www.KeepTouch.com
Lord & Benoit, Worcester MA www.Section404.org
Northeast Christians At work, Vernon CT www.ChristAtWork.org
Scranton Financial Group, East Windsor CT
Union Congregational Church www.UCC-Rockville.org 


 First Cathedral .




Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm


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This Easter season, there’s a new musical experience in town.  It’s called Eyes of Faith, and it’s the Easter musical to be performed by the Trinity Covenant Church choir and soloists.  You may recall hearing of or attending the Christmas musical Great Joy.  Well these are the same amazing vocalists and orchestra members coming back to bring you on a truly inspirational journey.  Eyes of Faith is the story of Jesus’s death and rebirth, and it involves dramatic narrative from several main characters in the Easter story.  Judas, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and others have prominent roles and deliver heartfelt words that bring the story to life and have the ability to touch the hearts of all who listen.  These narratives are accompanied by deeply spiritual music, performed by the all-star cast of voices audience members know and love.  With a choir of about 50 members and a strong orchestral accompaniment, it’s bound to be a huge success.  This Easter season, treat yourself and your loved ones to an afternoon or evening performance of Eyes of Faith.  With free admission and its accessible location at Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester, CT, there’s no good reason not to attend.  And your holiday will be all the richer for it. 

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What Are You Afraid Of ?

                     Yesterday marked an occasion for me. It was the first time I ever sang in my husband’s church. And I don’t mean from a pew or with a choir – I mean by myself, with only a piano to hide me. Nerve-wracking? Yes, slightly.But yet I’m not sure I can say exactly what I was so nervous about. You see, a church is such a safe place for a musician, and I‘ve sung dozens and dozens of times in my own church. A church is the only place, actually, where you can mess up as much as you want, and as long as your performance is for God, nobody can say anything or throw anything at you or cane you off the stage. It’s actually very acceptable to be less than perfect in church. If I were at The Apollo, for example, I can definitely say that I would not have been so comfortable with the idea of the performance. Those people can, and will, rip you apart. No thank you.So why was I nervous? I knew the song backwards and forward – it’s one of my favorites, a sweet, sad song by Sara Groves called “What Do I Know?” – and I even had the words right in front of me just in case I faltered under those proverbial bright lights. The rehearsal the week before went off without a hitch, and I knew that people would identify with and appreciate the song’s message.Then WHY? Why the nerves? Well, for one thing, I knew that my name carried a stigma. My husband is a brilliant singer and guitar player who has been attending that church his whole life and is beloved by all, so for me to get up there with a microphone instead of him probably raised some eyebrows. I guess I had to prove myself? Even though I knew they wouldn’t judge me – it is a church, remember – I wanted to leave that stage knowing that I had left my best work with them. I wanted to do the song justice, I wanted to do my name justice, and I wanted to leap out from the shadows and let them know that Erik and I have a lot in common.Once I realized the origin of my jitters, they were easier to control. I took a breath, remembered the great rehearsal, thought about how my family would be there to support me, and just knew that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Stage fright is abominably common. It is neither new nor scarce, and if there was a pill for it, I can bet that its bottles would line the cabinets of the world. For whatever reason – whether you’re playing The Apollo, singing lullabies to your kids, giving a speech in your office meeting, auditioning for a place in an orchestra, a choir, or a dance company, it’s important to identify where the jitters are coming from in order to most effectively conquer them.

       Trinity Church, Manchester, CT

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Summer of Steve

                    My father-in-law, Steve Nielsen, is a Renaissance man, to say the very least. He’s a loving husband, a firm-but-fabulous father, an affectionate pug-owner, and the director of Music & Worship at Trinity Covenant Church Manchester, CT. You may remember a pastarticle detailing his endeavor to produce an album of Christmas music with his phenomenal church choir, including guest members. Well, the album was recorded just this past weekend, and it will be on sale this summer, after mixing and copying has been completed. I’m told that the recording went off without a hitch, and it actually concluded an hour and a half early, which is absolutely not heard of in the music recording industry. The choir was praised by the sound technician as being one of the top five he’s heard, which was quite a compliment for them because he’s been recording choirs all over the country performing the same music.

But this article is not actually about the recording. No, it’s more about Steve himself. You see, I know how amazing he is, and his family and friends know how amazing he is, but even he wasn’t aware of the sheer breadth of his following in the community. Every year, his Christmas Cantata sells out (which is really unfair to say, because tickets are free), and hundreds turn out to watch him bring the Christmas season to life in a completely non-commercial way. How refreshing, you might say! And I would quite agree.

This year, however, he discovered how invaluable the citizens of Manchester truly find him. This spring, he received a letter in the mail from the Manchester Community Arts Commission, commending him for his years of service to the town of Manchester, and its continuation of a thriving arts program. He was informed that on the 6th of June, 2007, he would be immortalized in their Manchester Arts Hall of Fame.

I think the reality of the situation failed to hit him in totality until he was standing at the lectern, graciously accepting the prestigious award. Pausing to blink back tears as he spoke of the road he took to get to this point, he eloquently dedicated the award to the big guy upstairs. Audience members were moved by his acceptance speech, and he exited the stage to a standing ovation, not without a few cat calls from his closest friends and family.

Steve will not let this go to his head. He is, was, and will always be a man who is grounded in his faith and wholly devoted to creating music for the Lord. Really awesome music. We would be remiss to assume that this could be the last award he will receive for his hard work and passion. He will doubtlessly keep giving to the community until he has nothing left to offer.

             Trinity Church, Manchester, CT

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      Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester, CT is looking for volunteer singers to participate in their recording of a CD Album. Trinity has been producing an annual Christmas musical for about twenty years now, and there are some staple songs that they always get requests for. Ten of these will be recorded in June, 2007 and for sale for $15 in August, 2007.         Not lacking any talent, the show is always fantastic, and they sell out four-to-five performances every year. Of course, being a church production, they do not charge for admission, but they do ask for donations from whoever is able to give. The sales from this CD will be pumped right back into the show to make this year’s bigger and better.       Each year, they hire musicians from all around, including several from the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, and they begin rehearsing with the singers early in the fall for the December production. Every Sunday, this church has a live band as part of their worship service, and some wonderful vocalists leading the congregation in song. Brass, woodwind, and string players frequent the stage along with the consistently present drum kit, bass, and guitar. It really is an event every week, complete with a great sound system and a projector beaming the words of the songs onto the front wall for all to see (no more flipping through hymnals at Trinity !). The result is a flawless mini-concert every Sunday morning, praising God through song and adding warmth and spirit to the worship service. 

      They pull out all the stops for their Christmas Cantata, and the best of the best are front and center belting out old favorites and contemporary hits. Several churches join together to assemble the massive choir behind the soloists, and everyone is welcome. But be ready for music boot camp ! Steve Nielsen will definitely whip you into shape in the few months he has with you. 

         To top it all off, you can actually take private lessons from musicians within the church. They are offered in voice, piano, keyboard, and guitar. If you’re interested in being a part of the recording, or just in participating in their Christmas musical this coming December, you can visit www.TrinityCovenantChurch.org for more details or to contact the Director of Music & Worship Steve Nielsen. Click on the “Worship” tab and then click “Great Joy CD” from the drop-down menu.  Order form www.trinitycovenantchurch.org/cd/    

Father & Son Mother daughter

Kara Nielsen, Editor  (3/22/07) www.BandSpace.Fm

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