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                 This year is looking wonderful already.

We plan on reviewing a number of bands this year.

                 Eight to the Bar: Plays February 1st, 2008, 8:30PM to 11:30pm, Swing Dance, West Hartford Town Hall, lessons at 7:30pm. Usually sold out.

                  Major Motion , playing January 26, 2008, 10pm,

at JC Hooks Waterbury, CT and

                  Nu-Cullers, playing Friday, February 22, 2008
8:30PM – Club Vibz Uptown, 3155 Main St,  That’s Seventies Party, Hartford, CT.

                 These are just a few we will be reviewing this first quarter in 2008.  

So sit back and tune in.  We have a wonderful 2008 in store.

Happy New Years…….

Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm


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NuCullers                I am an enterpreneur junky.

Simply put, I am a business owner that is constantly analyzing how and why a business works. Once you understand that, you can make that business work better.  This is probably why I like to help other businesses succeed. If they succeed, I succeed as well.  

             The Nu-Cullers is a musical band located in the New Haven, CT area, http://www.nucullers.com/ .

             Take a look at their website; look for the photos.  Do you see all the happy people?  Look at their videos. Do you see all the happy people?

              If I were looking for a wedding band, I would be looking for great dance music and people celebrating. A wedding is a memorable event and good live music will create that environment.

            So if you have a moment, take a look at the websites:

http://www.nuculler.com/ and www.gigmasters.com/RNB/Nucullers.

            Also they have a couple dates coming up, so if you are in the New Haven, CT area or Worcester-Boston Mass area here are the dates that they are playing live.  

“That’s Seventies” Party 

Saturday, September 22nd 2007,  9:00PM, 

Three Thirteen Campbell

 313 Campbell Avenue,  West Haven, CT

Dress to sweat!  Bell Bottoms!

Afro Puffs !  Whistles & Bells ! 


Saturday, October 20, 2007, 10:00PM

Jumpin Joe’s Dance Hall

18 Graston Street
Worcester, MA


Have Fun!


Carl Slicer, Sr Editor

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                If you don’t know by now, I love statistics.  So when I research dates, times, places, sales, visits, ratios etc. I can use this information to measure value against other outcomes.  I am very impressed with statistics we dont have direct control over, such as how fast the earth rotates or how many babies are born in a town in a year. 

                Trends are information of a general direction.  Sales of a musician’s record show a trend in a given direction. What goes up must come down.  Take the artist Gene Pitney.  Gene Pitney had trends with his music.

                 Try this out just for fun:  

                 #1)   Click here to see who is hotter – Harry Potter or Tom Cruise .  

                 #2)  Click to see what has been looked up the most – NBA OR NFL

                # 3)  Top 40 Key Phrases as of  Sept 5, 2007 by the Nielsen BuzzMetrics Co .

Carl Slicer, Sr Editor                     

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          It’s going to seem too easy to be true when I tell you.  Get this:  www.music.com .  I know, right?  Ridiculously easy.  Why didn’t you think of it?  But hey, don’t worry.  ‘Cause now that you know about it, you’re going to have smooth sailing ahead.  You’re welcome.  Let me start with the age-old question.  What is it that you seek?  Name it!  They’ve got it!  Shopping, Video, Radio, Friend Finder, Featured Artists, and the opportunity to join the Music.com Artist Community for free! Create your account (just like you’ve already done with www.BandMix.com & www.MySpace.com, etc.) and then upload MP3’s, promote your music, create event listings, add band photos, and initiate a fan base! 

      They’ve got a search bar for you to find your friends or locate specific artists, songs, or albums, a spot for new artists, new releases, what’s hot… everything!  It’s your one-stop music site, fellas. 

       Their greatest ambition is to “enable you to find people through music and music through people.”  With the option of creating a personal user profile and setting up a favorites list, you can present others with a “musical mosaic” of yourself.  This is the first step of making connections, and they help you to do that in some fool-proof and effective ways. Not only do they serve as a catalyst for “exploring, expressing, and connecting,” but they also make for a great database… really for anything you want to know, musically.  They host a ton of musical facts – searchable by genre, song title, or artist.  Find something you’re skeptical about in their files?  “Users can submit information to us regarding inaccurate or incomplete credits.  This information is reviewed and added to enhance the accuracy and personality of the site.  Ultimately, music.com is a reflection of you and the collective passion and knowledge of our users.” Make yourself heard!  “Rate and review everything and anything” on their site.  They want to hear your criticisms.  As a very young site, they admit to having a few things to iron out, and they want you to be a part of that.  Help them to create the site you want to visit.  The information and options are always evolving. Their affiliate partners (mostly vendors) are linked up so that you have easy access to shop for the music you want, and for that matter, they claim to be able to find you nearly anything.  (I guess there are always exceptions).  They end their page description with a three-sentence wham-bam statement:   “Think all things music and you’ve got the picture.             www.Music.com:  an amazing network of people, ideas, and … of course, music.             Make it fun and make it yours!”

The great atmosphere created by the site makes it very usable, very accessible, and very inviting.  With all this to offer and limitless possibilities ahead, why not check it out? 

     Kara Nielsen, Editor, BandSpace.Fm   (4/5/07)

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          You’d never know it from the lack of press it’s getting, but April is Jazz Appreciation Month.  Loren Schoenberg, the executive director of the
National Jazz Museum in Harlem, gave a lecture and demonstration on April 1st about “how to listen to jazz, classic jazz albums, and Harlem’s jazz legacy.”  The talk was part of the Smithsonian Institution’s JAM Festival, www.smithsonianjazz.org .  But what can you do to honor Jazz Appreciation Month?

      For starters, many college music programs are putting on jazz concerts that are free and open to the public.  The rising stars in these programs are in the thick of their music education, and they’re very music infused with jazz passion.  This makes for a very interesting performance. Western Connecticut State University will hold a Jazz Combos Concert at 3 pm on April 15th in the Ives Concert Hall, www.wcsu.edu/newsevents/events.asp .  The concert will feature the music of four separate jazz ensembles.  The following night, at 8 pm on April 16th, there will be a Percussion Ensemble Concert in the same concert hall.  Both of those concerts will free and open to the public.  The WCSU Jazz Ensemble will play at 9 pm on April 19th in Alumni Hall, following open mic performers at 8pm.  Admission will be free for students and faculty.  And April 26th through the 28th, the 12th Annual WestConn/Litchfield Performing Arts Jazz Festival will be held.  This will include three evening concerts in Ives Concert Hall featuring Roy Haynes and Paquito D’Rivera.  Tickets will be $15 for adults, $10 for non-WCSU students, and free for WCSU students with valid identification.  Check out wcsu.edu/music/jazzfest for more details. 

            On the opposite side of the state, Eastern CT State University will be hosting a performance by the Willimantic Orchestra on April 22nd at 2:30, www.willimanticorchestra.org/performances.htm . The performance will take place in Shafer Hall and admission is free.  There will also be an Eastern Percussion Exposition to be held on Saturday, April 28th at 2:30 pm in Shafer Auditorium.  Admission is free, but donations are welcome. 

             In between those two campuses is Central CT State University.  The Jazz Ensemble will be performing their “A Little Night Music” Concert Series in the Torp Theatre on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30 pm.  There will also be a “Sinfonietta/Chamber Winds Concert” in Founders Hall in Davidson at 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 26th and a “Sinfonietta & Chorale Concert” in the Welte Auditorium on Monday, April 30th at 7:30 pm.  All CCSU concerts are free and open to the public unless noted otherwise on their website, www.music.ccsu.edu

            Visit Southern CT State University at 8 pm on April 21st to watch special guest guitarist Steve Oliver open for “the Rippington’s 20th anniversary tour”, www.southernct.edu/events/therippingtons20th_5301 . This performance was available to be purchased as part of the Spring 2007 Jazz Series, but single tickets are still available.  Admission is $28 for General Public, $23 for SCSU Faculty/Starr, and $12 for SCSU Students.  The event website is at tickets.southernct.edu .  Also join their Creative Music Orchestra (sounds interesting already!) when they perform with composer-in-residence Matt Darriau in the Charles Garner Recital Hall at 8 pm on May 1st.

         If this isn’t enough to wet your whistle for Jazz Appreciation Month, check out my follow-up article for more listings and some great ways to get involved.  

Kara Nielsen, Editor www.BandSpace.Fm  (4/5/07)

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      Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester, CT is looking for volunteer singers to participate in their recording of a CD Album. Trinity has been producing an annual Christmas musical for about twenty years now, and there are some staple songs that they always get requests for. Ten of these will be recorded in June, 2007 and for sale for $15 in August, 2007.         Not lacking any talent, the show is always fantastic, and they sell out four-to-five performances every year. Of course, being a church production, they do not charge for admission, but they do ask for donations from whoever is able to give. The sales from this CD will be pumped right back into the show to make this year’s bigger and better.       Each year, they hire musicians from all around, including several from the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, and they begin rehearsing with the singers early in the fall for the December production. Every Sunday, this church has a live band as part of their worship service, and some wonderful vocalists leading the congregation in song. Brass, woodwind, and string players frequent the stage along with the consistently present drum kit, bass, and guitar. It really is an event every week, complete with a great sound system and a projector beaming the words of the songs onto the front wall for all to see (no more flipping through hymnals at Trinity !). The result is a flawless mini-concert every Sunday morning, praising God through song and adding warmth and spirit to the worship service. 

      They pull out all the stops for their Christmas Cantata, and the best of the best are front and center belting out old favorites and contemporary hits. Several churches join together to assemble the massive choir behind the soloists, and everyone is welcome. But be ready for music boot camp ! Steve Nielsen will definitely whip you into shape in the few months he has with you. 

         To top it all off, you can actually take private lessons from musicians within the church. They are offered in voice, piano, keyboard, and guitar. If you’re interested in being a part of the recording, or just in participating in their Christmas musical this coming December, you can visit www.TrinityCovenantChurch.org for more details or to contact the Director of Music & Worship Steve Nielsen. Click on the “Worship” tab and then click “Great Joy CD” from the drop-down menu.  Order form www.trinitycovenantchurch.org/cd/    

Father & Son Mother daughter

Kara Nielsen, Editor  (3/22/07) www.BandSpace.Fm

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     A great opportunity for band exposure in Conn can be found in the copious variety of summer festivals they have to offer.

     Whether you’re in a genre specific band or just a laid-back we’ll-play-anything group, you can find a spot for yourself in one of CT’s several summer band festivals.   At the Lebanon Fairgrounds, in Lebanon, CT, they hold a concert called Festivus each summer. This year it will be held July 21st through the 23rd. They welcome campers, and it’s not uncommon to see people lugging in tents, grills, and food supplies for all three days. They always have locals offering up “breakfast burritos or grandma’s world famous iced coffee,” but they also caution that you try them at your own risk It’s probably best to bring your own munchies and be able focus on the music as opposed to chancing the burrito and worrying all day about E-coli.

   The Pipes in the Valley is another summer music festival that is held in East Hartford, CT. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a Celtic festival. They gather together to celebrate music, food, and fine beer. This is a perfect venue for any of those obscure bagpipe bands out there. I know, it sounds funny to think of a regular rock band (guitar, bass and drums) with a bagpipe thrown in the mix, but it’s actually not that uncommon, and it’s a fairly well-received genre. My brother was actually in a Celtic Rock band for a few years, and they performed successfully at several different battle-of-the-bands festivals, but never The Pipes in the Valley. I think it would have been a great setting for them. It’s a one-day festival taking place this year on September 29th at the Riverfront Plaza. Their website, www.PipesInTheValley.com, actually offers some links to other local Celtic festivals if you’re interested in checking out something new and different.

   The line-up for this next one is already secured, but it’s something that’s worthwhile just to go check out. The Green Apple Music & Arts Festival actually takes place in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, but if you get a chance to make it to NYC (come on, it’s not that far…), you’ll get to witness the biggest Earth Day celebration in the nation. It runs from April 19th to the 22nd, with a huge line-up of bands including such big names as Edwin McCain, Tower of Power, Piebald, Brand New, Umphrey’s McGee, and American Idol’s Taylor Hicks. Most shows are only $10, and they’re at a variety of venues. This really is a huge event and a great opportunity to check out a lot of big names and names that will be big very soon.

   This is just a small initial sampling of what’s out there for band festivals. Some others will be featured at a later date. But these are definitely a good start to get your feet wet and consider what’s available.

Kara Nielsen, Editor  (3/22/07) www.BandSpace.Fm

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