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Okay, call me whatever names you will, but I’ve got exciting news and I know that some of you will share in my excitement. There is a band… yes, I think you could call them a band… getting back together to do one last reunion tour. They are hitting the biggest cities in the world, and I plan to catch them in NYC.Can you guess? I’ll give you a couple hints.

Their music was huge when I was a teenager… so… in the mid-90’s… and they actually starred in a film, the title of which would completely give away the band name.

Their songs were, and are, very catchy. There’s one in particular that everyone knows but no one understands.

One of the members recently moved to the US with her soccer-player husband. That’s gotta give it away, right?

So do you know yet? Well, I can’t hold it back any longer. It’s the Spice Girls! I know, I know, so cheesy, so 90’s, so British… but I grew up with that music and it has been the soundtrack to so many memories for my friends and me. How could I not get excited about this tour?

So the buzz kill. So far, the cheapest tickets I’ve been able to find are $285. Kind of a problem for a recent college grad just starting to pay off student loans and without a lot of extra dough in the wallet. But then again, can you put a price on nostalgia? Isn’t this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity almost… priceless? I think that’s what I’ll be telling my husband, at least.

If you’re as hopped up on Zig-Ah-Zig-Ah as I am, and are looking for more details on the concert, I’m afraid there are no postings yet on ticket sales on their official website – I found these expensive tickets through various and sundry other connections – but I can tell you that the concert is in December, in Madison Square Garden. And that I will be there with platforms on.



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MTV has partnered with The Body Shop to produce a new perfume – an eau de toilette called “Rougeberry.” Not only does it smell like fresh raspberries and freesia, mix extraordinarily with all five other scents in the Invent Your Scent line, and cost a mere $16(or 2 for $26!), but a percentage of the proceeds from each bottle of Rougeberry Eau De ToiletteRougeberry sold is dedicated to an HIV research organization.

The Body Shop has long been heavily involved in environmentally sound and humane practices. They are one of the few large corporations to produce products that have not, at any stage in their production, been tested on animals. They are the only global cosmetics company to not test their products on animals.

A percentage of the profits from their gift wrapping options, their signature tote bag, their Daisy soap and Mint Lip Care Stick is donated to the Stop The Violence Campaign, an organization that stands against domestic violence. They collect cell phones to donate, recyclable bottles, and are notorious for their omnipresent Community Trade ingredients – a process by which the consumer gets a fabulous international ingredient in his or her product, and the farmers they source these ingredients from get a fair price for their export.This recent partnership with MTV has taken The Body Shop to a new level. They have been able to boast about their ability to produce a loyal customer base with minimal advertisement and mostly word-of-mouth. But their commercials on MTV reached the public and hit them hard. It was definitely a step in the right direction.

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                Out of sheer love of music.”  That is the reason Lydia Hutchinson founded Performing Songwriter thirteen years ago.  The publication has hosted some top household names on its cover and between its pages, such as Keith Urban, James Taylor, Maroon 5, and Bonnie Raitt.  Their website is teeming with information for and from people who love music.   

                Isn’t that what it’s all about? 

                Success stories.  Secrets.  Jokes.  Favorite songs.  Favorite moments.  That’s what this publication is to me.  Scanning their website actually feels like a positive experience.  How often can we really say that?  Most websites are so frustrating we tend to click out as soon as possible.  But you’ll want to stick around at www.performingsongwriter.com

                  They’ve got contact information if you want to let them know what you think of their site, or really anything else for that matter.  They’ve got blogs from their four editors keeping you informed of what they do on a day-to-day basis, and what their favorite music is (for instance, this is the Senior Editor’s “Spring Mix CD” list and this is another editor’s solution to music for people with short attention spans).   

                    Where our site stops, theirs takes off.  All we can do here is talk about how much we love music all day, and tell you where to find the best music, the best venues, the best ways to improve, etc.  They have interviews from artists, updates on new albums, links to downloads, a chart of the current top radio hits, blogs, bulletins, news, pictures… it’s an absolute media overload, and I love it!

                Of course, their website is only the beginning.  From there, you can subscribe to their magazine, where you’ll get even more juicy stuff.  Not a magazine person!  Well, go on.  Take a gander!  You may be pleasantly surprised.  A full subscription for a year will only cost you $26.  You spend ten times more than that on coffee!  Think of  Lydia, and how hard she works to put out this publication just because of her sheer love of music.  Don’t you share that love?  I know I do. 

Kara Nielsen, Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm

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