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          I am amazed at the vast array of people that are musicians.  I am even more amazed to see what recipe God has put together for us to meet these gifted people. Then God gives them a purpose and sets them free into the world to bring joy to others.  

          Kara had some stage fright recently, but it was not from lack of practice.  Kara has a great voice. She just wanted to make her huband and family proud of her.

          Now take Dennis Nevin.  Great vocalist. Has studied through the years. When he was younger, he played in a band called “Too Much, Too Soon” from Vernon Rockville, CT. Same town where the “Rockville Rocket” Gene Pitney got his start. Dennis has a style mix that follows the likes of Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Luther Vandross, etc.

         But recently, Dennis did a song that will bring people’s attention to a cause that needs to be considered by all:  adoption.

       Please take a few minutes and listen to the beautiful voice of Dennis Nevin.

       You can hear him at:

       YouTube,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5UVfLx_JWI,

       or  www.BandMix.com/DennisNevin

       Even contact him at: www.DennisNevin.com 

Either way, I applaud when a musician makes a move and does something for a worthy cause.  

Carl Slicer. Sr Editor.  


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The Fall line-up for Imagine has been posted, and it is certainly worth checking out. There are three classes offered this season. The first, Musical Theatre Performance, is where kids of all ages are invited to come and learn the ropes of music theatre, while preparing for a full-length November performance. This season’s show is entitled “Brandon Finds His Star,” and promises to introduce first-time actors to exactly how much fun the performing arts can be.The second class being offered is Theatre Technology and Design, and will allow hands-on training with today’s most efficient musical sound and recording equipment. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in innovation without any risk of failure. Technology can be scary, but with Imagine, it will open doors and create a safe environment for learning.In an effort to expand Imagine’s course-offerings, the third and newest class is Poetry Workshop. It will feature the works of a variety of published poets and allow you to explore the works of some unpublished poets – yourselves! In a workshop setting, you’ll investigate the whys and hows of poetry, learn the essentials, and practice identifying the major formats. With that under your belt, you’ll be well-equipped to begin writing your own poetry, and have your peers evaluate and critique it each week.

With something for everybody, Imagine has opened its enrollment and they are waiting for you and your kids !


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Climb Ev’ry Mountain

               They call it “ Music Mountain.”  Many have braved its peaks, but still it holds that old
New England charm and mystery.  Nestled in Falls Village, CT, Music Mountain is home to some of the best chamber music available. See www.MusicMountain.org . With guest ensembles littering their spring and summer schedule, it’s easy to find an event that interests you.  They predominantly showcase Chamber, Choral and Jazz ensembles, and they manage to stay afloat through the ticket sales and generous donations of concert-goers.  Booked for events straight through the season, it’s pretty easy to pick a date you’d like to visit and find that they’re hosting someone like the Shanghai String Quartet, Jane Roth & the Litchfield Hills Pipe & Drums, The Cantilena Chamber Choir, or The New Black Eagle Jazz Band.  Their Jazz at Twilight series starts June 23rd and runs every Saturday until August 25th .

                 Admission for regular Saturday/Sunday performances is free for children 5-11 and students younger than 24 are only $12, but single adult tickets are $22 in advance or $25 at the door.  If you purchase a block of 5 tickets before June 16th, you can get them at the discounted rate of $100, or $20 apiece.  With these steep adult rates, it can be difficult to make it a habit of visiting the mountain.  They do, however, have an event August 11th that sounds wholly worthwhile.  It’s their 2nd Annual Music Mountain Free Family Festival.  And the blurb on their website is quite enticing, I must say: “Come join us for another fun-filled day of the performing arts in Gordon Hall and on the surrounding grounds featuring The Bergonzi String Quartet’s unique, interactive version of the Saint-Saen’s Carnival of the Animals, plus dancers, jugglers, mimes, puppeteers, story tellers and a musical range from folk and country to rock.  No admission, free parking and lawns for picnicking.” Well I’ll certainly be there!  It doesn’t get much better than free admission, free parking, and all free music and juggling you can handle.

               On a different note, it’s good to know that  Music
Mountain isn’t just a facility for hosting performances.  They are also putting on a series of master classes this season, beginning June 3rd-8th with an Oboe master class by Bert Lucarelli, a Chamber Players’ Retreat for Adult Amateur Musicians June 26th-July 2nd, and a Chamber Music Festival for Young Musicians July 24th-29th.  

            Music Mountain, celebrating its 78th birthday this year, is operated on a volunteer basis.  If you’re interested in contributing a donation to keep it going, download a Contribution Form here, www.musicmountain.org/about/contrib.html , and send it with your tax deductible contribution to:      Music Mountain,  P.O. Box 738,  Lakeville, CT  06039.


  Kara Nielsen, Editor, www.BandSpace.Fm.   

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     Moms!  Dads!  Legal Guardians!  This message is for you, so listen up!  I know you’ve been taking my advice so far and you’ve significantly broadened your musical horizons, eh?  So now I have to ask: while you’re off at work or attending those extra music classes I recommended a few blogs ago, what exactly are your kids up to?

       Well, the summer’s approaching, and when schools get out, chances are your little bundles of joy have some free time on their sticky hands.  Have you ever considered enrolling them in a music class just like you’re attending, but one suited just for their age range?  If you haven’t, it’s time to think about it!  Because there are dozens upon gaggles upon plenty of great programs out there just waiting for you to utilize them!     

       Ah, but what about the cost?  Kids are expensive to begin with, and who wants to add more bills to the pile anyway?  No worries, Mom and Dad!  In most cases (obviously not all cases), the fees you’ll be charged for the great musical foundation your offspring will be building are really nominal, especially when compared to the amount they’ll pay for this type of training and performance experience once they’re at and above the college level.  Can I get an “AMEN!” for that?  A college undergrad at the moment myself, I’m always shocked by the hideously skyrocketing prices asked for average, if not sub-standard, music education.  

          Imagine Productions, LLC, based in Vernon, CT, offers four different classes in the performing arts vein for the summer of 2007.  Whether you’re the proud parents of beginners, mid-level performers, or even seasoned veterans, you’ll find a place for your child in the Musical Theatre Performance class.  The only qualification is that he or she be willing, able, and excited to act, sing, and dance.  Beginning in May with an audition to determine your child’s role in the production, your child will then join several others in a thrilling and fun experience that will have them gearing up through the whole month of June to shine in the July performances.  And this year’s theme?  “A Tribute To Disney!”          

        Besides being on the stage itself, there are other summer classes designed for children interested in the other aspects of theatre production.  For all you techies out there (some of my best friends wore all black and scurried around in the wings, ya know), Imagine is offering “Theatre Technology and Design.”  Students in this class will learn about designing and operating essential elements of every production:  set, lighting, and sound.

           And who could imagine a Disney show without the music?  A class on “Instrumental Performance” will be offered to children Grades 6 and up with prior instrumental experience.  The students will learn the scores to some of their favorite songs and then join the whole group to perform in the pit orchestra for the final performance.        The fourth and final class offered for the summer session is a short two-session class called “Auditions 101.”  In this class, kids of all ages are invited to join special guest instructors, who will lead the actors through a series of lectures and exercises, each crafted to engage the students and help them build the skills they need to perform successful auditions.  A mock-audition will determine their progress at the very end. 

Interested in learning more about Imagine Productions, LLC?  You can visit www.ImagineSP.com , email ImagineSP@yahoo.com , or call (860)965-7505 for

more details or to enroll. 

    Kara Nielsen, Editor, www.BandSpace.FM ,   (4/12/07) 

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