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                 I remember my dad playing the tape when I was little.  And then when I was a teenager, I stole the tape and played it myself.  Even after I got a CD player, I held onto that tape and listened to it constantly.  What an artist. ( www.GenePitney.Com or www.GenePitney.org . Both are authorized sites. )  

            Of course, I’m talking about Gene Pitney.  My dad loved his music, I loved his music, and the entire world loved his music.   The boy from
Rockville… the infamous “town without pity,” of course… had a unique sound and an unparalleled passion for music.  Yes, the Rockville Rocket, as they call him, was the first pop singer to be asked to sing at the Oscars.  It was in 1962, and he sang that haunting song “Town Without Pity.” 

            Today he is remembered as an innovator.  He wrote hit songs for other artists, including “He’s a Rebel” for The Crystals in 1962.  That song was the only thing keeping his own Hot 100 record “Only Love Can Break A Heart” from topping the charts completely.   

            In his spare time (ha) he wrote the title song for the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.   

            In 1963, his song “
Mecca” crossed some new borders.  It is said to have been a stepping stone for the type of music now called “psychedelia” because of its incorporation of Indian musical influences and exotic instrumentation. 

            Gene Pitney.  Discussing his life and his amazing music career is something to be done reverently.  The man died of natural causes during a
UK tour on April 5, 2006.  He was only 66 years old, and they found him in his hotel room.  It was after a show at
Cardiff’s St David’s Hall that won him a standing ovation.     

Kara Nielsen, Editor,  www.BandSpace.Fm


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