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“Jimmy Mazz” entertains from the Springfield, Mass area. 




  Go see Jimmy!  Period.  I was referred to him by another musician.  I love getting referrals from musicians because that brings credibility to the gig. 


Let me describe the style of Jimmy Mazzaferro:  style, class, and you better be ready to dance. So bring out those David Bowie “Red Shoes.”  


He’s Got the Goods

Now if you are going to go out and listen to Jimmy, be prepared to hear a number of artists:  Lou Rawls, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, and Bobby Darin, to just name a  few.  Good singer.  Very, very good singer.


Hot Daddy  

Stage presence is great. We went to Pazzo Ristorante in Springfield, right next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Jimmy plays there on a regular basis. What a nice restaurant, too.  Jimmy went on about 9:30pm, Friday night. After six songs, Jimmy had about twenty people on the dance floor cooking in the “Hot Town Tonight.”  


Vegas 3  

While we enjoy ourselves, Patrick Tobin stopped in and sang some really good stuff.  Patrick sings the “Hits of  Frank Sinatra” and the Swing era.  Guy is good and hooked up.



Booked & Busy


Check out his website.  His “Dance Card” is very well in demand.  Take a look  at June 2008.….


3rd Keystone Commons, Ludlow MA @ 3 PM (Private)

4th Women’s League For The Arts, The Colony Club, Springfield MA @ 12:30 PM (Private)

4th Hukelau Lounge, Chicopee MA @ 7 PM

5th The Log Cabin, Holyoke MA @ 1 PM (Bus Tour: Public Welcome)

6th Redstone (ALZ), East Longmeadow MA @ 2:30 PM (Private)

11th CityBlock Summer Concerts, Downtown Springfield @ 12-1:30 PM & 4-6 PM

13th The Delaney House, Holyoke MA @ 6:30 PM

12th Storrowton Tavern, West Springfield MA @ 7 PM

13th Redstone, East Longmeadow MA @ 2:30 PM (Private)

14th Hampden House, Hampden MA @ 11:30 AM (Private)

14th Europa, Granby Road / Rt. 202, South Hadley MA @ 8 PM

15th Lyons Club Benefit @ The Oaks, Agawam MA @ 7 PM The VEGAS 3”


And that’s just the first two weeks in June, girls! 


I saw every age from 20’s on up dancing on the dance floor.   I am definitely going to see him again.


Thanks to Jason Stratos of the band Half and Half.



Carl Slicer, Sr Editor, www.BandSpace.FM field MA @ 12:30 PM (



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Behold the Lamb of God     Sara Groves

I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, but she’s one of my favorite musicians. A brilliant singer/songwriter with a voice that can be sweet and smoky at the same time, Sara Groves is an inspiration. Her Christian music is heartwarming and insightful – full of phrasing and ideas that hit home. And she’ll be part of a tour that’s coming to CT this winter! On Saturday December 8th, that is, and tickets are only $15.75 for groups of 10 or more. Individual tickets are $17.50. Don’t have a group to attach to? Leave a comment here! This is a great place to meet people with similar goals.The show is called “Behold the Lamb of God, The TRUE Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ with Bebo Norman, Sara Groves, Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Osenga,” and it will certainly be a phenomenal experience. Those other names aren’t any that I’m familiar with, but I’m sure they’re fabulous if they’re playing with Sara! The concert will be held at New Milford High School, in New Milford, CT, at 7pm on the 8th. I’ll be there! Will you? Visit https://www.rockthesoundtickets.com/TicketEnvelope/pc/viewCat_M.asp?idCategory=35  for ticket details. Or go to http://www.saragroves.com/ for more information on her.

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Go To The Mall!

I’m sure you’ve seen it. You’re walking through the mall or shopping plaza and there’s one store that is having an “Event.“ With a capital “E.” They want you to notice. They want you to come in and check out what’s going on. They want to rouse some excitement. It happens all the time! Recently, at Westfarms Mall in Farmington, CT, the cosmetics company MAC held a special event in the center court of the mall. They called it “Smoke Signals,” and they set up a stage, in front of which they offered free makeovers. On the stage were musicians – I believe they had two drummers playing African beats and an upright bass player as well. Live music really changes the atmosphere of a place. How did MAC find these individuals? The guys must have put their names out there somehow, and MAC scooped them up. The coupling of this large corporation with a few accomplished musicians was quite successful. The music attracted mall-walkers, and the makeovers kept them there. The musicians got great exposure. This is an opportunity that is available to us all! You never know who might need a little music for a special event, so get those business cards out there! Of course, it’s more likely that a guitar or a drum will be in demand than a trombone or a piccolo, but again – you never know! Most places consistently have music on in the background that’s either satellite radio or a CD or tape sent in from the company. Add some real-life musicians to the equation and things tend to get a little livelier! Whether it’s a string quartet for an elegant feel or an acoustic guitar for a light, coffeehouse feel, I’m sure you know as well as I do that music can really enhance a mood. Take a stroll through your local shopping mall this week, and pass out some business cards. Stop in at the Customer Service desk to let them know that you’re available for any mall-wide events that may be coming up. As you know, the holidays are right around the corner, and many places have live Christmas music during the busy shopping season. This is your chance to get some great exposure! Get out there!

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Is modern technology eliminating the need for musicians and musical technicians in reception halls ?  I was at a wedding today – fabulous food, gorgeous ceremony, and open bar.  The three must-haves, right?  Well, they had a DJ for after the dinner to mix up the songs and play all those wedding staples.  Sure, “The Electric Slide” and “Thriller” and whatnot.  But the rest of the night… he was actually pretty terrible.  The announcements he made were peppered with corny and un-laughed-at jokes, his interjections were always either greeted with eye rolls or just not acknowledged at all, and the musical selection he provided was substandard.  So what’s the alternative?  Live music?  Well, sure, that’s an option.  But then you run the risk of getting a group that only plays a genre of music not everyone likes.  So what else can you do? 

 Well, these days it’s easier than ever to get cheap, efficient reception music.  My boss, actually, is taking advantage of this for her October wedding.  She’s simply tuning in to a Party Music station on her Sirius Satellite Radio, and hooking up some speakers.  And she is quite content to just have her best man or maid of honor give the necessary announcements.  Simple, sure, yet quite effective.  Is this potentially replacing DJs and wedding singers and bands across the world?  Well it is certainly a plausible fate.  When the guy at the Burger King Drive-Thru sends “Play That Funky Music White Boy” through the microphone, you’ll know that this has come to pass. 

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Home-Cooked Music

Are you fed up with the recording industry ? Hate having to follow everyone else’s schedules and pay fees up the wazoo for ridiculous things every time you record? Have you ever felt like you would just rather do it yourself ?  Well with the available technology and assistance these days, you certainly can. You don’t have to be a degree-holding individual with all the latest software to be perfectly able to record your own, and other people’s, stuff.  www.HomeRecording.com is the perfect place for the amateur, and veteran lovers of home recording. Whether you’re new to the business and really need the stepping stones for your chosen hobby or occupation, or you’ve been recording in your home for years and just need a tip or two to ease the pain of new technology, you have a place at www.HomeRecording.com.They have a great variety of information on their site, concerning Recording, Digital, Mixing, etc. They have a link to Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials, and even a page for reviews. If you know what you’re looking for, you can choose the Quick Search option, or you can scroll through their links until you find what you need, if you even know what you need!

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Raymond Hutchinson loves music. He loves it so much it oozes from his pores. It forms sedimentary layers in his shoes. It radiates from his every breath. Kinda hard to miss.

In a small room in the Hutchinsons’ garage, Ray has set up a studio. It would be silly to try to put a modifier in front of the word “studio,” because it really isn’t just one kind of studio. It’s a place for musicians to practice, to record, to create videos, to write, to print, to surf the net, and to just be really, really creative. With a family full of kids who are, at the least, really, really creative, this room is pretty useful.Ray works at The Home Depot, doing pretty much anything they throw at him. Electrical, Paint, Lumber, you name it – he does it. He’s been there for years, just another guy in an orange apron, ready to help you with your home improvement projects. He’s seen all types – knowledgeable, competent people who are attempting complex feats of home grandeur, and also the assortment of people who have asked him “Do you have any longer yard sticks?” But that’s just his day job. Most evenings, he can be found in the midst of whatever local concerts are happening. He does the recording for the Vernon school systems’ band concerts, usually strictly on volunteer basis, too. He also frequents clubs like The Hungry Tiger, Husky Blues, and The Colony, checking out new and veteran musicians and always offering his assistance.A few months out of each year, Ray quits his job at The Home Depot to go on tour with the anti-drug musician Rob the Drummer. Rob goes to schools around the country and gives mind-shattering assemblies that preach music as the ultimate anti-drug. They do hundreds of shows each time, and every year, those schools want them back for the next wave of students.

When they return to CT, Ray reapplies to The Home Depot, and they always take him back. It can be kind of taxing, having to constantly quit and reapply to the job you’ve had for so many years, never really quite stable, but sometimes that’s what a man’s gotta do for the sake of the music he loves.

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  This summer, don’t let yourself get lazy about picking up your instrument. Amid all the swimming and camping and kayaking, or whatever it is that you do when the temperatures soar, put yourself out there and join a community band.

For years now, the Rockville High School band has accepted community musicians to play in their spectacular 4th of July celebration. The concert is usually in the last week of June or the first week of July, so you’ve still got a little time to join up. This is a great opportunity to join fellow musicians, and even meet up with people from your area that you haven’t seen lately. It’s an excellent way to pay tribute to the land that you love. As long as that land is America.

Most community bands are free to join, but some may require some sort of enrollment fee for the training you will inevitably receive as a part of their organization. This enrollment fee will also help to provide extra instruments for those who don’t own theirs, and P.A. equipment for concerts.

Whether you’re proficient at the triangle or an accomplished flutist; an amateur flugal horn player or a budding trombonist, you have a spot in the community band. Check it out!

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