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                 I grew up with the Brad Davis show on Channel 3. Brad hosted a show called  “The Brad Davis Show” and was the answer for musical talent to play out on Saturday night. This show was very much like the Dick Clark American BandStand.  Brad was also spokesman for the Conn Dairy Farmer, “Drink milk” with even meal. Wow, ‘magine that. Forty years ago he was promoting Conn business with Conn talent. (Sounds like a recent show on Fox) We’ll Brad had the idea first & Conn benefited from it, too. Wonderful show !     

          Brad is the Host of WDRC 1360 (AM)  has a morning talk show that reachs the older crowd in Connecticut,  www.TalkOfCT.com

           The Saturday Night on Channel 3, WTIC (now WVIT), aka the Broadcast house was Rockin’ & Rollin’ with the biggest names back then.  I am still impressed how Brad did a wonderful job.     

           Just goes to show you how good ideas are great ideas when they are time tested.       

 See his profile at www.talkofct.com/staff_braddavis.shtml , http://www.wdrcobg.com/davis.html .


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