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May 2009


Recently I was told that Gordon Lightfoot was not doing well &

Had not turned in quite some time.

So this is what I found…

And I am happy to say that Gordon Lightfoot is still

Alive, Doing well.

Is still on tour and sounds just as good as he did when I heard him

At the Oakdale theater in Oakdale, Conn  in 1982.

I thank my sister, Linda Young, for taking me to the concert

In Oakdale because I have been a fan ever since.

We need to get Gordon back in Conn in 2010.

Please tell Gordon we would love to see him back in

Connecticut in 2010.

This 45 minute interview was done April 2009

By a Canadian Disc Jockey, CBC host Jian Ghomeshi.

Great Interview.    

With over 1,000,000 views, the Song

“If I could read your mind” by Gordon Lightfoot.


Let’s get Gordon to Connecticut in 2010.

Hopefully the Oakdale Theater aka Chevrolet Theater.

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